Come build the future of Social Crypto

Crypto Playground

Crypto is more than trading. It's more than NFTs. It's more than Telegram. Metalink is a crypto playground for chatting, making friends, and NFT swapping. Are you the proud owner of a Pudgey Penguin?

Join the owners channel 🐧 👉 #pengu-owners-club. 

Decentralized Future

Metalink's future looks like a decentralized utopia where our community of avid NFT and crypto traders are actively shaping the future of Metalink's ecosystem from reputation protocol algorithms to the NFT swap mechanics.

The Tech

Our tech stack will be as future-proof as possible without sacrificing security, scalability, and usability. Some technologies we're exploring, not in any particular order: Elixir, Matrix, React Native, 0x Protocol, Electron, Solana, Luna, Vue.js, EPNS, Solidity, Ethereum, zkSync.

Who is Metalink?

Metalink is a small team of crypto enthusiasts from all walks of life. It's what makes crypto, crypto. You can be anyone you want. Welcome to the Metaverse.

Though we come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, our team has a set of cultural beliefs that function as our North Star.